Memory Aids, Tools & Strategies for Those with Memory Loss

Memory Aids, Tools & Strategies for Those with Memory Loss

memory aids for older adultsPeople in the early stages of memory loss don’t want to be shunned from conversations. Having memory aids, tools and strategies can help your loved one recall information and engage in meaningful discussions. In this post, we’ll review some of the best tools you can use to help your loved one recall and retain information.

Traditional memory aids

Sometimes, the best way to remind a person of something is by writing it down. A calendar or diary is a useful tool for marking important dates, doctors’ appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and more. We recommend using a large calendar that shows the month or week in advance. This way, your loved one can see everything that is planned out.

Other traditional memory aids include:

  • Sticky notes
  • Shopping lists
  • Contact numbers
  • Laminated signs
  • Color coding
  • Medication reminder box

Electronic memory aids

Electronic devices can be helpful reminders, but it’s important that your loved one is comfortable using them. Otherwise, they’ll end up more frustrated and less able to recall or retain information.

Here are examples of electronic memory aids that can assist your family member:

  • Alarm clock
  • Mobile phone
  • Computer or tablet
  • Reminder devices
  • GPS devices
  • Apps for calendars, reminders, maps, shopping lists, etc.

Strategies for living with memory loss

When people realize that they’re being more forgetful than usual, it can cause them to withdraw from social activities. However, not engaging with others can make things worse. Work with your loved one to develop strategies for living with memory loss. Some people have success by using mental pictures, words or rhymes to remember information.

It can also be helpful to have picture books with your family members’ names and photos. This way, your loved one can look at the books and remember the names and faces of their children and grandchildren. Playing music, dancing or creating art are also effective ways to express inner emotions without using words.

For more information on dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, watch these informational videos from Doctor’s Choice.

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